The Computer

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PC w/ 3 video monitors,

Intel Core i9-7940X  3.1 gHz.​ 14-Core Water Cooled CPU


NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Water Cooled Graphics Card

My name is Steve Shambaugh.  I take great pride in providing video and still images to Real Estate Agents for property promotion.  I also work with City Agencies to highlight available facilities and services from inside and above using Aerial Video & Photography.

And yes, I'm a musician too...

​​The Hardware

Fully outfitted Recording Studio with numerous microphones, 3 pair of audio monitors & headphones, and professional audio interface for voice-overs and custom Music Production

How Did This Happen?  My Story in the World of Video

Where The Magic Happens...

Who Am I Anyway?

     Around July 4th of 2014, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube posted by a guy who flew his drone “through” a fireworks show.  I was mesmerized.  My jaw was still on the floor as I repeated the video over and over about 10 times and once I was able to collect my thoughts, I knew I had to have one of those.  By August of 2014, I owned my first drone or, as they’re more appropriately called, UAV. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

     Once I had the UAV for about 3 months, I began posting my own video’s on YouTube and even did a video tour around Lakeshore Park in my Newark neighborhood for our home-owners association.  From that vantage point, I could see the tremendous potential for Real Estate Promotion using aerial video. 

     But seriously, aerial video can only comprise maybe 5 – 10% of a Real Estate video.  After that, unless it’s a large property, even that gets boring.  I began to acquire equipment to film hand-held video walk-thru video tours to showcase the inside of the home.  After about a year, I had just about all I’d need.

     Then, out of the blue, a home-owner in my neighborhood saw the video I did for our HOA and when it was time for them to sell their house, they insisted that their listing agent contact me to film their home both from the air and ground to enhance their property for the web-site listing.  Albeit a bit ahead of my tentative schedule, my vision got a kick start.

     I’ve done many Real Estate Videos since that first one and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve helped home-owners and agents realize results beyond their initial expectations.  I’ve found that most sellers even request a DVD of the video to take with them as a “memorial” of the home in which they once lived.  It’s pretty cool to be a part of something as meaningful as that.

     I have also begun working, as a volunteer, for the City of Newark filming city facilities from the air and ground in order to show-case the services available to city residents.  This began as I was flying over one of our parks and I discovered tennis courts that I didn’t even know were there; they were “hidden” behind tall hedges and out of view.  Aerial video gives a perspective of things on the ground that cannot always been seen from the ground. 

The Software

Adobe Premier, After Effects, & Photoshop for

 Video & Photographic Work.​

Steinberg's Cubase Pro 8 & Wavelab 8 for Professional Music Production